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Course Outline (subject to change)

I'm currently in the process of updating the course, adding more modern and relevant topics. The following may not reflect the changes implemented in the class yet.

Course Modules

The new proposed course outline is as follows:

0BeforeCourse Structure and Development Env Setupquiz: course syllabus + Screenshots showing a setup env. with the right versions and tools installed
1Jan 8Source Version Control
How the web works
JS History
lab: git-hello world + Online Portfolio: simple webpage + github pages + use of github
2Jan 15Fundamentals of JSJS exercises - Focus on the fundamentals rather then all the types utility methods?
3Jan 22Interactive Web Dev using JS
Forms, Event handling, DOM Manipulation
Lab: JS and DOM exercises + Assignment: Rock Paper Scissors
4Jan 29Async development; JSON and Networking Fetch APILab: Chatting Application
5Feb 5Modern Web Dev using React.js
vite, JSX, web components, props,
Building Tic Tac Toe as a React game
6Feb 12Modern Web Dev using React.js
React State Mgmt & hooks
Tic-Tac-Toe using React: state of each button?
7Feb 19Advanced React: hooks, Context API
LocalStorage, cookies
Recreate Chatting Application using React
8Feb 26Styling and Themeing in React
CSS-in-JS, styled components
9Mar 4Canvas in ReactHangman: using React + JSON, and Canvas work
10Mar 11🏖️ Spring Break
11Mar 18SPA: Routing with React RouterAdd a routing to an about page
12Mar 25Intro to PhaserLab
13Apr 1Where to go from here: Typescript, ...
14Apr 8Open Lab - work on final project
15Apr 15Open Lab - work on final project
16Apr 22Presentations