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Grading Procedure

Self Assessment and Grading

  • All assignments will have a file at the root directory of the project.
  • On the self assessment, you're required to provide:
    • Self-reflection
    • Self-assessment of the grade you think you deserve with justifications.
      • If you complete all the required items on the assignment checklist and they work, give your self the full grade.
      • If you leave out some of the required items, or you're not sure if you satisfied all the requirements, or think you've done everything but it still doesn't work properly, deduct a few points and justify that in the comments.
        • When grading you may receive higher grade that you gave your self 😉.
      • If nothing works (but you tried) and we can see that you tried in the code, give your self half the points.
      • If you say you did something when you didn't or not submit the assignment at all, you'll receive zero points for the assignment.
        • be honest .
        • be active.

Grade Weights

Assignments in this course include the following:

  • Quizzes – 10%
    • Always due on Sundays.
    • Only available until their due dates. Once it passed, it passed.
    • Serves the purpose of collecting attendance. ensures that you're checking the course every week.
    • Lowest quiz grade will be dropped.
  • Labs and Assignments – 50%
    • Always due on Sundays.
    • 10% will be deducted for every late day
    • Once a solution has been posted, no work for that assignment will be accepted.
      • you may suggest a different project to build that will illustrate your understanding.
    • Lowest grade will be dropped.
  • Check-in surveys – 10%
    • This will be to collect early feedback from you on the course.
  • Final Project – 30%
    • Final Game
    • Presentation
  • Extra Credit
    • Helping fellow classmates on MS Teams with their questions.
    • Adding New Automated tests (When it's not a requirement already 🙄)
    • Contributing the Labs and Syllabus Repositories with Fixes.

Assignment weights chart

Grading Scale

A93.00% and above
Fless than 60.00%