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Course Information


The instructor reserves the right to update this syllabus as class needs arise. Be assured that any changes to the schedule, syllabus or policies, will communicated to you quickly and efficiently.

Course Description

This course will provide a functional introduction to programming for Web games and similar interactive media. The result will be competency in popular web programming languages (e.g., JavaScript, HTML) and game programming frameworks. This will be demonstrated by the creation of the mechanics for their Web game projects. Topics may include: Web programming syntax, popular Web programming libraries for games, game loop, sprites, interactive GUI programming, and creating the game environment - Prerequisite Definition: To take this course you must: Have taken the following Courses IT1090C min grade C-,IT2040C min grade C-.


  • IT1090C - Computer Programming I
  • IT2040C - Fundamentals of Web Development

If you need a refresher, take a look at the Beginner Materials.

Learning outcomes

  1. Explain important programming concepts and JavaScript Syntax for web game development.
  2. Apply modern JavaScript libraries for game development.
  3. Create Interactive GUI for games.
  4. Practice using JavaScript to create game mechanics.

You will learn how to

  1. Use Source Version Control (Git - GitHub)
  2. Put JavaScript code blocks in HTML5 documents and execute it.
  3. Interact with/modify the web page programmatically.
  4. Use the some of the browsers built-in capabilities and APIs.
  5. Use Modern JS Libraries to build Dynamic applications and Graphical User Interfaces.
  6. Create games with Phaser