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Resources and Tools

Tools and Software Needed

Git and GitHub

We will be learning about and using the Source Version Control tool, GitHub in this class. This is how you'll be submitting your assignments and how I will be sharing solutions. You will need to:

For more help and resources about git and GitHub: *Official GitHub Help

Visual Studio Code

I will be using (and recommend you do too) Visual Studio Code as my Text Editor/IDE. This is not the same as Visual Studio that you may have used in C# classed. I will be sharing some recommendations for extensions and configurations that will make your developer experience easier.

Node.js and npm

We will not be teaching Node.js in this class. However, we will be using many of its support tools and libraries such as npm. Make sure you download the Long-Term-Support (LTS Version).

Any modern browser

You may use any Modern Browser of your choosing for this course. I will be using Chrome. However, Firefox, and Edge will do just fine.

Refresher Online Course


There are no required materials for this course. I do however have some recommendations: